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Saturday 1st December at 7.45pm 

(also in this session: Minor Disruptions at 8.45pm and Crystal Bollix presents: The Bitch Ball at 9.40pm)

Saturday 8th December at 4.30pm

(also in this session: Lover, Whore or Handmaiden at 3.30pm)

A Sticky Season

By Jack Donald

Seasons come and seasons go, political tensions rise and fall, heat intensifies and dissipates, and pressure mounts and mounts and mounts until it finally finds release.

Drawing on the stories of British playwright Joe Orton and Canadian flight attendant Gaetan Dugas, A Sticky Season explores the intricacies of two controversial queer lives through a queer language of Jazz music and poetry inspired by the Beat Generation.

Written by Jack Donald

Cast: Jack Donald, Rosie-lea Sparkle, Marcus McManus

Directed by Pollyanna Newcombe

Recommended 16+ 


£7.50 for single ticket (entry to A Sticky Season only)

£15 for Session Pass (entry to all shows in a single Session)

£27.50 for Festival Pass (entry to all shows across the entire Festival)