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Tuesday 27th November at 8:45pm

(also in this Session: Dirty Laundry at 7.45pm and Hear Me Out at 9.40pm)

Friday 30th November at 8:45pm

(also in this Session: Becoming the Invisible Woman at 7.45pm and The Revelation of a Sad Christian Boy at 9.40pm)

Friday 7th December at 8:45pm

(also in this Session: Me, Mum & The Patriarchy at 7:45pm and The Bitch Manifesto at 9:30pm)

Hero Win

By Anna North

Anna’s problem is that she puns. A lot. And it needs to stop. It's just not punny anymore. 

Expect overgrown children (one), stories (many), and lots of awful puns as Anna takes a massive shovel and digs deep to discover the root of her problem(s).

Hero Win is a solo show about addiction in which Anna battles com-pun-sions, navigating the stresses of fighting a habit and 'keeping your mouth shut' when all you want to do is talk.

Written and performed by Anna North

Trigger Warning: Addiction, Awful Puns

Recommended 16+ 


£7.50 for single ticket (entry to Hero Win only)

£15 for Session Pass (entry to all shows in a single Session)

£27.50 for Festival Pass (entry to all shows across the entire Festival)